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Mark Begg
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Real Wealth Management

About Us

About Us

Almost uniquely, we are both Lifestyle Financial Planners and investment advisers. Most top financial planning firms outsource their investment management which results in extra costs.

Real wealth management means understanding your goals and desired future lifestyle and creating a financial plan before deciding on the investment approach. Having mapped out your financial future we then use a smart, low cost investment strategy to get your money working efficiently. 

Our fees are transparent and start at £2,500 p.a. Total costs are extremely competitive.

The Difference



Focus: Unfortunately, most ‘advisers’ just sell products; this is true whether they are IFA’s, Wealth Managers or Private Bankers. Our service focus is on planning, not products.  It is designed to help clients identify, achieve and maintain their desired lifestyle, whatever happens. We use traditional fund management and insurance companies as little as possible!

Continuity: A typical private banker or wealth manager will have more than 100 ‘relationships’ to handle and the average adviser also moves jobs every 6 years.  We have just 65 retained clients and plan to cap the number at around 80. With two advisers this gives us the lowest adviser to client ratio in the business. You may also be assured that we won’t be leaving for other jobs and many clients have been with us over 20 years.

Mark Begg Testimonials

Investment Testimonials

‘We have been dealing with Mark Begg Asset Management for approx 20 years. We have found working with Mark Begg both informative and lucrative. We have entrusted our complete portfolio of investments and trusts for our children with his company and have been exceptionally pleased with the results.

Mark Begg gives us a thorough report and breakdown of all movements in our investments and we always are kept up to date with any fluctuations and changes. His communication skills are absolutely perfect. We believe Mark Begg Asset Management to be trustworthy and professional company and we are happy to recommend their services.
Mike & Karen Salmon

We have known Mark Begg for many years and have used his investment advice for about the last 30 years. We have always been impressed by Mark's integrity and his ability to diversify the risk within our portfolio to take account of the broader economic climate. We consider that the capital growth in our portfolio has consistently exceeded the various sector averages. We would have no hesitation in recommending Mark to other investors that require advice and management of their assets.
Mr & Mrs Bulley 

I have known Mark since 1987.  During that time he has been my sole financial advisor. With his advice my investment portfolio and pension have prospered through some difficult financial times. I have always found he understands my requirements and tailors his advice to match.  He explains options clearly and his reporting is first rate. I have no hesitation in recommending his services
Phil Buckingham

I have been Mark’s Client for 30 years, during which time he has demonstrated a clear understanding of the market and how that best relates to me. Once the investment vehicle has been chosen Mark ensures that I invest at a “wholesale rate” significantly reducing transaction cost and management fees. The net result is a consistently better performing portfolio that is cycle resilient and inexpensive to operate. If you need a personal investment advisor I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Mark.
Nick Gerard

For in excess of fifteen years, Mark has consistently provided valuable advice on the pros and cons in respect of various and diverse investment opportunities. With the required patience for us two(!), he has helped us focus on our financial responsibilities and reassured us of our financial stability in some areas and warned us of dangers in others. Never pushy, he listens to our concerns and then comes back with how he sees our particular investments could grow, and how he can help us with balancing such things as school fees with savings for old age. His quiet but steady presence is firm and reassuring. To be recommended.
Charles & Kath Dymoke


In selecting an adviser for our savings, we were anxious to avoid large institutions like banks and insurance companies and we did not want advice from individuals whose judgement might be influenced by levels of commission payments from service companies. With Mark we have a clear understanding that we pay him directly for his services and all commission payments are declared up front.  He has taken care to assess our risk profile and provides us with regular information and updates.  He considers our ideas carefully and (so far!) our gains have well exceeded losses and his costs.  We have a friendly, yet business like relationship with Mark and consider ourselves fortunate in having found him.
Sue and Graham Cooper

Financial Planning Testimonials

Answering the big questions requires a clear forward view of real projected income vs outgoings over your lifetime. Mark provides a unique visual road map that gives us the clarity we needed to help us SEE our way to better decision-making.  Now we have the reassurance that this clear forward visibility brings and our financial future is the more assured for it.
Tim Vincent CEO Rembrandt Consulting


Mark is adamant that his clients follow “the process” which after initial resistance from me prompted the asking of some interesting questions and some quite revealing answers. Marks “process” deals with life decisions first and the then the practicalities of funding them. The resultant financial plan was unique to me defining the financial goals and balancing risk against outcome.
Nick Gerard, CEO Business Systems Group Plc. 


The Team


Mark Begg | MB Asset Management
Mark Begg

Tel: 020 7060 7090


2nd Floor, One Alfred Place, London WC1E 7EB

Tel:  020 7060 7090



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